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5 Tips for Improving Your Home Appraisal in the Year 2020

Whether you are planning on selling your home or refinancing it, you would required the services of a real estate appraiser to determine your property’s current market value. A real estate appraiser considers aspects like the square footage of your home, materials used, property amenities, and the overall condition of the house. The appraiser then compares these factors to properties recently sold within the same locality and determines the appraisal value. Hence, the following 5 tips are important in acquiring a higher appraisal value for your home.

Give value to the outside

First impression always plays a critical role; curb appeal is very important for acquiring high value home appraisal. Landscaping, backyard maintenance, kitchen garden, outdoor kitchen, and privacy are some of the essentials.

Removing any dead trees or bushes that undermine your home appearance, and making simple fixes like repairing walkways, sealing driveways, and putting numbers on their mailboxes are some of the easy measures.

Make sure to clean up your home from the outside before the real estate appraiser arrives as there is a greater chance, he may be taking notes before entering your house.

Clean up the inside

Clean up doesn’t mean making your bed only; it refers to complete home décor and staging. Vacuum the floors and carpets, clean up dust from the furniture, clean out the litter box, use nice paintings and portraits on the walls, give your home a pleasant smell and decorate the inside to the best of your abilities. You can also look through some online sources for ideas about home staging.

Highlight the upgrades

Make sure to list and pinpoint all the upgrades and the major improvements done to the property. Do a list of features your home has and provide it to your appraiser. Highlight everything; any roof replacement, new patio or deck, furnace and air conditioning maintenance schedules etc. In short, brag about your home and mention all the upgrades.

Speak about the area amenities

Mention all the area amenities. Distance to the nearest school, parks in the surroundings, bus transit services in the area, travel time to the market, hospital, and above all, reach to the business hub are some of the important highlights.

Let the appraiser do his job and facilitate him

Do not follow the appraiser while he is inspecting the house. He is a professional and knows his job well; let him do his work and facilitate him in every possible manner. Bake some cookies for him and offer him coffee when he is done.

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