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Measures for improving the real estate appraisal value


There are numerous advantages of hiring the services of a professional real estate appraiser especially in the city like Toronto, where the real estate spectrum, besides its slow down during the past one year, provides greater returns on real estate investments. Property appraisal can be helpful in many ways, be it related to its sale and purchase, loan acquisition, divorce and estate settlement, or any other real estate valuation related matter. Hence, for fair market valuation and securing the highest price point, measures need to be taken for attaining the best possible appraisals for your home. Some of the essentials are as under.

Curb Appeal

Outdoor landscaping leaves the first impression of a property to the real estate appraiser and the potential buyers. The way the house looks, the way its landscaping is managed, the way the backyard is maintained, and whether there is a kitchen garden and outdoor kitchen; all these elements are key essentials in leaving that first impression needed for attracting the buyers’ eye. Research suggests that curb appeal can boost the overall value of a property by 20%, thus playing a critical role in getting a higher real estate appraisal.

Interior Décor

Home interior is the key element and is considered buyers’ final decision making point. On a holistic perspective, home décor, floor conditions, bathrooms, tiles, and ceramics, copper plumbing, walls’ colors and paints, carpet conditions; all are essentials. Hence, floors need to be maintained, if not replaced, carpets need to be cleaned, wall paints are to be redone, and bathrooms need to be re-made, if possible. With all these measures, home staging remains the icing on the cake.

Make the Upgrades Conspicuous

Highlighting the upgrades is a greater way of communicating to the real estate appraiser, as well as the potential buyers, that the property does not require any overheads and is ready to use without any additional costs attached. It is therefore important to list all the upgrades and mention the renewed items like electrical components, appliances, home furnace, plumbing, doors and windows etc.

Highlight the Area Amenities

It is also important to highlight the area amenities to the potential buyers. Distance to the nearest school, parks in the surroundings, bus transit services in the area, travel time to the market, hospital, and above all, reach to the business hub are some of the important highlights that play an essential role in getting higher real estate appraisal.

With the mentioned measures, there are greater chances of getting a higher real estate appraisal and securing an increased price for the property.

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